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kentucky sport radio

Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) is one of the most popular sports media platforms in the Bluegrass State. Broadcasting daily since 2005, the show covers all things related to Kentucky Wildcats sports with a unique style and fan-focused content. With a combination of insightful analysis, wild fan calls and comedic segments, KSR has become required listening for die-hard UK fans across Kentucky and beyond.

Host and Format:
Veteran sports radio host Matt Jones oversees the KSR program. Airing three hours daily and hosted from a Lexington bar, the fast-paced format features Matt hosting alongside various regular contributors. Fan calls are the heart of the show with passionate reactions to UK wins and losses.

UK Basketball Coverage:
As the premier program in Kentucky, UK basketball naturally receives the bulk of KSR’s attention. Extensive previews and reviews of every game as well as interviews with coaches, players and media members offer listeners an inside perspective. Recruiting updates are also a huge draw.

Other UK Sports:
While basketball drives listenership, the show represents all Wildcats athletics. Fans can keep up with football, volleyball, baseball and more with dedicated segments for each program during their seasons.

Fun Segments:
Beyond analysis, KSR is known for amusing regular bits. Fan-favorite “Drew’s Mock Draft” and “Bill’s Business” humorously rate draft prospects and propose investments. Wild mailbags and games like “Would You Rather” engage listeners.

Podcasts and Videos:
For those unable to tune in live, KSR posts replays and individual segments as podcasts daily. They also release videos of interviews and original comedy sketches to their active YouTube presence.

Annual Events:
KSR turns summer basketball camps and the UK season kickoff Blue-White game into major events with live broadcasts featuring guest appearances and giveaways. Their “Catlanta” gathering of UK fans in Atlanta each March is among the largest

Founder and host Matt Jones is a UK alumnus and lifelong Wildcats superfan. His network now includes multiple daily shows and podcasts covering UK sports.

Beyond flagship KSR, Jones also does national radio hits to spread the word of UK basketball around the country.

The live bar setting fosters a rowdy, party-like atmosphere on air as fans call in. Regular drinking games like “chugging” are incorporated into segments.

Fan interaction is highly encouraged, sometimes to a chaotic degree. Callers are expected to be as passionate and opinionated as the hosts.

Popular recurring characters include over-the-top superfan “Tailgate Tech” and level-headed Ryan “CatChat” Lemond who often plays devil’s advocate.

Audio clips of coaches John Calipari and other assistant coaches ranting during games are instant classics for listeners each season.

While basketball centric, the network gives insightful football coverage during the fall and recognises contributions of all UK athletics programs.

In addition to radio, the KSR brand has expanded into regional events, merchandise, and video/social media content to further serve the rabid UK fanbase.

It’s considered not just a sports show but almost a way of life for die-hard Kentuckians passionate about their Wildcats teams.

Through ups and mostly downs over the years, Kentucky Sports Radio has remained universally tuned-in for their passionately unique brand of Wildcats multimedia content. Their ability to evolve while staying true to their fan-first roots is what keeps Big Blue Nation loyal to the one-of-a-kind legacy show. And listening to KSR has become a treasured UK gameday tradition for many.



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